2 Punjabis help Kashmiri with Rs 9.12 lakh cheque

Story by  Aasha Khosa | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
Shahid receiving the cheque at Fatehgarh Police station
New Delhi

Showing their ‘big-Punjabi hearts, two Samaritans from Punjab gave a cheque of Rs 9.12 lakh to a Kashmiri who had suffered a huge loss as his consignment of 1200 apple cartons was stolen by the public after the truck carrying it turned turtle near Fatehgarh on Amritsar-Delhi highway.
Shahid, the truck owner from Sopore, Baramulla was driving his fruit-laden truck from Kashmir to Bihar when it met with an accident on the highway. The locals looted the fruit cartons Sohail watched helplessly.
Two Samaritans Rajwinder Singh from Patiala and Gurpreet Singh from Mohali came forward to help the Kashmiri truck owner who had suffered a huge loss.
Both of them approached the local police and offered to pay Rs 9.12 lakh to Shahid.
On Monday they approached the local police and said they wanted to compensate the young Kasmiri, whose loss was compounded by the shocking behaviour of locals and passersby.
Rajwinder Singh said he could not believe that some people were busy stealing apple cartons instead of helping the truck driver who met with an accident.
Truck owner Shahid said he felt very bad when he saw the video of apple cartons being stolen, not believing that it could be Punjab where people always come forward to extend help.

He said he had studied in Punjab and knew that people here are known for offering help.

Shahid thanked the two samaritans for giving him a Rs 9.12 lakh cheque.