Hiba Fatima gets Rs 1 lakh reward for Urdu Gita

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 2 Months ago
Hiba Fatima with Speaker of Telangna Legislative Assembly Pocharam Srinivas Reddy

Sheikh Muhammad Yunus/Hyderabad

Hiba Fatima is receiving accolades and support after Awaz-the Voice highlighted the extraordinary story of her efforts in translating Srimad Bhagwat Gita into Urdu and her plans to do the same with other religious scriptures.

After her story was published by Awaz-the voice and some local news portals in Hyderabad, the Speaker of Telangana Assembly Pocharam Srinivas Reddy invited her over to his residence and offered a cash reward of Rs. One lakh.

Srinivas Reddy praised the work of Hiba Fatima. He also apologized for not knowing about the exemplary and valuable work done by Hiba, even though she hails from his district for the promotion of communal harmony. He had a detailed discussion with Hiba Fatima and her father Ahmed Khan.

Besides, Srinivas Reddy also assured Hiba Fatima her father would be offered a government job and a double-bedroom house.

Ahmed Khan used to run a ration shop before Telangana became a separate state. Today the family lives in rented accommodation.

During the Telangana struggle, Ahmed Khan resigned as a ration dealer in protest, and since then he has been supporting his family by doing various jobs.

Srinivas Reddy also praised Ahmed Khan's sacrifice for the formation of the Telangana State and said that he will represent the government to provide government jobs to Ahmed Khan.

He also assured Hiba Fatima to meet Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao. Srinivasa Reddy also offered to publish her book. However, Hiba told him that the Maharashtra government has already promised to do so.

Hiba Fatima has emerged as a determined and courageous woman. She was never disappointed and heartbroken, but she bravely faced difficult situations. Ahmed Khan said that he was proud of his daughter.

He said that Hiba Fatima was married to a young man from Maharashtra in February 2021, but within a few months, the couple split.

Ahmed Khan said that despite such a big tragedy in her life, her daughter faced the situation with courage and never let negative thinking prevail over her.

Speaking to Awaz-The Voice, Hiba said that she was feeling happy because her work is being highly appreciated by different quarters. She prayed for her work to help cement communal harmony, unity, and harmony in society and uplift humanity. ۔

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Hiba Fatima expressed her sincere gratitude to the responsible and representative Awaz The Voice Delhi for publishing the detailed story in three languages Urdu, Hindi, and English.