Udhaipur Dargah where Hindus and Muslims come to pray

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The shrine of Baba Mastan


In the city of Lakes is the shrine of Mastan Baba, a center of devotion not only for Muslims but also for Hindus. Thousands of devotees gather here every day to pay obeisance and pray.

Devotees say that Mastan Baba has so many divine powers due to which everyone is a follower of Baba. People believe that those who come here and pray at the mausoleum of Baba get their wishes fulfilled.

Secretary of the Shrine Abdul Rasheed says that it has been almost 27 years since Hazrat Mustan Shah Baba's shrine was built. However, nobody has an idea of where did the Baba come from and how did he reach Udaipur. He lived here since 1972.

For twenty years he lived near Ahad Puliya in the city and then shifted to Gulab Bagh. Even in his lifetime, he had followers who visited him wherever he went.

After his death, his tomb became the center of veneration for his followers and others too.

Sushila Daglia, a devotee and follower of Mastan Baba, said that she has followed Baba for about 35 years. She visited Baba when he was alive and claims all her wishes were fulfilled.

Naseem Banu says that Baba Mastan was very kind to her family and attributes her family’s rise to Baba’s blessings. She says devotees visited him even when there was no provision for lodging and boarding them.

Muhammad Ayub, a member of Mastan Baba Trust, says that thousands of people come here every day. “Baba listens to everyone. Those whose wishes are fulfilled come to give gifts to Baba. The Baba is the common belief of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians.”

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An annual fair is also held here every year on the occasion of his Urs.