Meditation is about calming our minds and focusing on the present moment.

Benefits of Meditation: - Makes us less stressed and anxious. - Helps us concentrate better. - Makes it easier to control our emotions. - Improves our sleep quality.

Mindfulness Meditation: Focuses on being in the moment without judging our thoughts or feelings.

Breath Awareness Meditation: Involves paying attention to our breath as it goes in and out.

Loving-Kindness Meditation: Encourages us to think kind thoughts about ourselves and others.

Body Scan Meditation: Helps us relax by paying attention to how our body feels.

Guided Visualization: Uses images to help us relax and feel calm.

Getting Started: - Find a quiet spot - Start with a few minutes a day. - Try different techniques to see what works best. - Be patient with yourself.

Channel swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika and his family celebrate every single religious festival of both Muslims as well as Hindus.

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