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PM Modi's visit firmed up India's role in Russia's mineral-rich Far East
15 Jul 2024 | 4 min read

Aditi Bhaduri 

The recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Moscow has been huge in symbolism and only a few agreements have resulted from it. The most significant one is on the Program of India-Russia cooperation in trade, economic, and investment spheres in the Russian F...Read more

Life Style

Pankaj Tripathi: I’m a simple, middle-class person enjoying life
17 Jul 2024 | 2 min read

New Delhi

Pankaj Tripathi, a celebrated Bollywood actor and National Award winner, prefers not to live like a star. He identifies as an ordinary middle-class individual and finds joy in that lifestyle.

“You have seen how I am in my personal life...Read more

17 Jul 2024 | 3 min read
16 Jul 2024 | 1 min read
16 Jul 2024 | 1 min read


Indian scientists make breakthrough in quantum-based data encryption
12 Jul 2024 | 1 min read


In a major breakthrough, a team of Indian scientists has created a user-friendly way to generate unpredictable random numbers crucial for stronger data encryption and provide robust cybersecurity, the Ministry of Science & Technology has said.

The Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru, which is an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), performed a photonic experiment to demonstrate a violation of what is called the Leggett Garg Inequalities (LGI) -- a litmus test for "quantumness" in a system in a loophole-free manner.

The team carried out extensive ...Read more

Health & Hygiene

New biomarkers reveal high-risk glaucoma patients
13 Jul 2024 | 1 min read

New Delhi

A team of researchers has discovered blood markers that may predict whether glaucoma patients are at a higher risk of continuing to lose eyesight after normal therapy.

Glaucoma (known as kala motia in India), affects nearly 11.2 million people aged 40 and above in India. It's the third common cause of blindness in our country, according to experts.

The main factors for glaucoma are old age and high blood pressure. Treatments to lower the intraocular pressure in the eye are available but they are not foolproof.

Researchers from University College Londo...Read more