Puranmashi, known as the full moon day in Sanskrit, marks the end of the moon's bright phases. In Indian tradition, it's a special day with rituals like bathing, fasting, and giving charity.

Pujas done on Purnima day is said to confer great merits to to the observers. Therefore special pujas like Satyanarayan puja are conducted on this day.

Many gods took birth on the Purnima day like Subrahmanya, Dattatreya and Buddha. The first Avatar of Lord Vishnu namely the Matsyavatar incarnated on this day.

On the day of Purnima, the devotee wakes up early in the morning and takes a holy dip in a sacred river before sunrise.

The fasting starts at sunrise and ends with the sighting of the moon.

Fasting on Purnima can have several positive effects on the body and mind.

Some of the far-reaching benefits of Purnima upavas include balancing the body metabolism, controlling the acid content, enhancing the endurance power and cleansing the digestive system.

Combined with the pujas and prayers done on the day, Purnima upavas refreshes and recharges the whole of the human system and bestows prosperity and happiness.

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