For Muslims around the world Eid al Adha, Arabic for 'festival of scarifice' takes place as the Hajj pilgrimage concludes.

During this time, Muslims will arrange for the sacrifice of an animal to mark the celebration, which commemorates a significant quranic story.

Qurbani, also referred to as Udhiyya in Arabic, means sacrifice and is an important rite in the Islamic religion.

The sacrifice of livestock, including sheep, goats and cows, during Eid al-Adha commemorates a story mentioned in the Quran.

The Prophet Ibrahim's commitment to his task also represents the idea of absolute submission to God's will; a theme that reoccurs throughout the Quran.

The story is commemorated by Muslims in the form of the Qurbani, which is obligatory for every Muslim who can afford to do it.

The word qurbani derives from the Arabic word "qurban", which has its roots in the word "qurb", meaning "closeness".

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