Indian stock markets touch new heights on Monday

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani • 2 Months ago
Bombay Stock Exchange


The Indian stock markets flared up on Monday with the Sensex of BSE and Nifty of NSE touching record highs.

The Sensex of BSE on Monday touched a record high of 62,701.40 points after opening at 62,016.35 points and touched a low of 61,959.74 points during the day.

After coming below the 62,000 points, the Sensex rallied up to cross again that milestone and later came down.

The Sensex finally closed at 62,504.80 up by 211.16 points over the previous close of 62,293.64.

The Sensex's earlier all-time high was 62,245.43 which was on 19.10.2021, as per BSE.

At the NSE, the Nifty opened 18,430.55 points after previously closing at 18,512.75 points.

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Then the Nifty rallied up to 18,614.25 points and touched a low of 18,365.60 points and finally closed at 18,562.75 points.