Zakir Khan: from Sakhth Luanda to Farzi Mushaira

Story by  Shaista Fatima | Posted by  shaista fatima | Date 13-11-2022
Zakir Khan with his parents in the business class
Zakir Khan with his parents in the business class


Shaista Fatima/New Delhi

"Jab Dusroan ke yahan 1million followers hote hain toh party hoti hai par humare yahan nazar utari jati hai.." (When others touch the milestone of a million followers, they celebrate by partying but in our houses evil eye is eradicated first..), this was stand-up comedian Zakir Khan's post on Instagram when his brother showed Zakir's page to their mother. 

It is said that with fame comes arrogance but for Zakir, fame means a Dubai trip that too in business class with his parents. The comedian took to Instagram to post this achievement.

Zakir in his comic acts have often mentioned how humble and innocent his parents are, same can be seen in the post where Zakir is seen asking his mother "kaun si table Amma? (Which table Mom?),  to which his mother says, "yeh Wahi table hai Jahan ladkiya padi rehti hain.." (Is this the same table where women keep lazying around)?. Apparently they were referring to the pool side table where people bask in the sun. 

Born on August 20, Zakir shares his birthday with the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and rose to fame in 2012 after winning Comedy Central's title of the Best StandUp Comedian. 

His most loved act is that of Sakhth Launda(strict lad) where he describes how a small town guy is faced with the dilemma in big cities while talking to women especially uptown girls. While the video has over 1.9 million views on YouTube, it is said this act aced Zakir's career.

But this is just the starting to his various viral comic acts. From Haq se Single to Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare and Fazi Mushaira, Zakir Khan's pen is mostly on fire.

In a recent post on Instagram Zakir can be seen promoting his Farzi Mushaira S-2, where in a somewhat quintessential Moin Akhtar's style he can be seen refuting the interviewr's questions  


He can be seen saying “Mai Nahi de Raha interview (I won't be giving the interview) to saying "hum hain farzi, hum hain Naqli, kya problem hai is me.."(I am fake, I am superficial, what is your problem), all in good humour though.

In his recent interview to an Indian news agency Zakir said that he is a peace loving and zero conflict human. This can be seen from his some two year ago trip to Varanasi where sitting on a boat at Assi Ghat, Zakir can be seen in the Chandan tilak, he writes, “Tehzeeb se Hindu, Parwarish se musalman hoon, Ganga me Vazu Karta, Mai hi toh Hindustan hoon" (I am a Hindu culturally, Muslim in my upbringing, I perform abulition in Ganga, I am the India)

In a recent post Zakir can be seen capturing a candid moment with his father and his world wisdom which he captions as "janta ki demand par.." (On the demand by the audience)

For the unversed, Zakir’s shows and comic acts are aired on Amazon Mini tv and are free of cost.