Clubhouse testing new 'Houses' feature for curated interactions

Story by  IANS | Posted by  shaista fatima • 1 Years ago
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San Francisco

With an aim to foster curated interactions, popular social audio platform Clubhouse is testing a new feature that will let any user, group or community create their own curated "House" within the platform.

Users can now sign up to create Houses, but the platform stated it will only accept new Houses gradually to gather feedback and make necessary changes to the product. "Think of Houses as private hallways just for your favorite people. You can drop in anytime, hop from room to room, catch up with friends, and meet their friends," the platform said in a blogpost. In a series of tweets, Co-founder Paul Davison said that "the best social experiences are not open to everyone. They are small and curated. This is what creates intimacy, trust and friendship".

"The new graph structure will allow any person, group, or community to create its own House -- with its own personality, culture and content moderation rules -- where members can meet up regularly, talk, and hop from room to room. "House member lists will be public, because it's more fun that way. Many rooms on the clubhouse will still be public too, and everyone will be able to explore the public hallways, discovering new people and cultures from around the world. Only the House rooms will be private," he added.

In April, Clubhouse confirmed that it is testing a new in-room gaming feature on both iOS and Android platforms. As part of the initial launch, the app rolled out a game called "Wild Cards", which presents a series of questions designed to spur conversation and help people get to know each other better.

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