Neha Dhupia joins Deepa Malik, others for Mothers Against Vaping to safeguard children

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana • 1 Months ago
Actress and model Neha Dhupia
Actress and model Neha Dhupia


New Delhi

Mothers Against Vaping, a united front of concerned mothers combatting the promotion of new-age tobacco devices such as e-cigarettes and vapes among Indian children and youth, today announced that Neha Dhupia, actress, model and mother has joined their ranks. Her support adds to the message of concern and determination to combat this growing crisis among children.

Despite a nationwide ban, international manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to promote these devices with specific focus on Indian children and youth as they desperately search of new markets against the backdrop of tightening regulations. Mothers Against Vaping has been running an awareness programme about this troubling reality, and urging immediate action from parents, educators and policymakers.

Neha Dhupia firmly advocates for the Mothers Against Vaping movement. She said: “As a responsible mother, I wholeheartedly support the Mothers Against Vaping group and their cause. The issue is deeply alarming, and all mothers should be concerned as it directly impacts the health of our children. We, as mothers, must unite, raise our voices and increase awareness against vaping and electronic cigarettes to ensure that such habits are completely eradicated from the lives of our children and youth.”

Mothers Against Vaping campaign is also supported by eminent personalities like Dr Deepa Malik, Padma Shri, Khel Ratna Arjuna Awardee; Dr Bhavna Barmi who is an internationally acclaimed Clinical Psychologist, a public speaker, founder of Happiness Studio and Head Psychologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute; Dr Varuna Pathak, a former Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Gandhi Medical College; Kamaljeet Kaur, famous calligraphy artist; and Vaishali Sharma, founder of The Champa Tree, a parenting blog among others.

The campaign will receive a significant boost with Neha lending her support. Its reach holds the promise of significantly reducing vaping among children and safeguarding their health. As per Mothers Against Vaping, it is imperative for policymakers and stakeholders to understand the agenda of international marketers and launch extensive awareness initiatives on the harmful effects of vaping and electronic cigarettes such as heat-not-burn tobacco products. The dissemination of impactful advertisements should extend beyond movie halls, encompassing diverse public spaces to rectify misconceptions.

Such awareness campaigns are essential to counteract the deceptive marketing strategies employed by e-cigarette manufacturers to promote these new-age tobacco devices and heat-no-burn tobacco products. These devices, often adorned with eye-catching designs and flavoured with strawberry or bubble gum, have gained immense popularity among children. As digital natives, today's children and youth are quick to embrace new technologies, making them particularly susceptible to the allure of vaping. This trend poses a serious threat of addiction, as e-cigarettes and other new-age tobacco devices can serve as gateway devices for introducing users to harmful substances like cocaine and heroin.

The mission of Mothers Against Vaping is dedicated to instilling positive values in our children and shielding them from the clutches of vices present in an increasingly bad and complex world. The support from influential figures like Neha Dhupia will amplify the campaign of Mothers Against Vaping and create more awareness about the detrimental effects of vaping among children.