Amitabh Kant meets maker of Asia’s largest Kashmiri carpet

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 22-05-2024
Amitabh Kant in a meeting with J&K bureaucrats in Srinagar
Amitabh Kant in a meeting with J&K bureaucrats in Srinagar


New Delhi

Amitabh Kant, India’s G-20 Sherpa to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, met Fayaz Ahmed Shah, the creator of Asia’s biggest carpet during his recent visit to Kashmir.

Fayaz Mir Shah whose carpet is on display in Srinagar told Kant that it took his team nine years to ready the carpet that measures 72 40 feet, has above 37.47 crore knots, and weighs 1600 kg. He said the carpet was manufactured for an Indian company but it was for export to the Gulf region.

Explaining its making, Fayyaz said, that for nine years, every day a team of 22-24 artisans worked on the carpet. In the last three months, weaving continued for 24 hours. He told Kant that the washing of the carpet alone took one month.

He posted a video of his interaction with Fayaz Ahmed Shah on X:

Amitabha Kant further praised Kashmir's carpet and other crafts and said, “Kashmir's handicrafts and handlooms are invaluable threads in India's rich cultural history. For centuries, these art forms have served as symbols of cultural identity and economic resilience. Pleasure to participate in discussions in Srinagar, to empower these artisans, boost the economy, and give them the center stage they deserve.”              

In yet another post on X Kant said that introducing the QR code (Quick Response) Code in handicrafts and handlooms in Kashmir was a unique experiment that has helped the artisans. He posted this on social media and advocated its implementation in other states as well.

Kant is currently touring Kashmir where he is seen interacting with the artisans and the officials of the J&K Handicrafts and handloom industry.

On social media, he said the most radical transformation in the handicraft & handloom sector of J&K is the introduction of a QR code-based mechanism, the first of its kind in the World. This is for certification and labelling of artisanal craft products of J&K. Through this mechanism, the customer is able to verify authenticity of the provenance, the process and the product itself of the artisanal craft with the help of smart phone. Needs to be taken across India."