CJI Ramana: Build democracy where differences of opinions are respected

Story by  IANS | Posted by  shaista fatima • 9 Months ago
CJI Ramana
CJI Ramana


Nagarjuna Nagar

The Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Saturday urged people to build a democracy filled with "vibrancy and idealism", where differences of identities and opinions are respected.

"Don't allow corrupt thoughts. Don't tolerate injustices. Think beyond yourself, and be willing to make sacrifices. Be sensitive to the needs of the community and society," said the CJI at the 37th and 38th convocation address of Acharya Nagarjuna University. "I call upon all you changemakers- you must be 'Conscious Changemakers'.

Think of sustainable models of development. This consciousness must acknowledge the needs of our community and environment while being pioneers in your respective fields. Take inspiration from your culture and language and try to accommodate it in your vision for the future. Transcend beyond the ideas of self. Try to take your community along with you. Develop an inclusive vision of progress. Be a stakeholder in the nation-building process," he added. CJI Ramana remembered the days when he attended this university nearly four decades ago, he said our learning was not limited to the boundaries of classes.

"We used to debate on ideologies, philosophy, politics and social issues under the trees or in canteens or dining halls. Our deliberations, our activism, and our resolution to bring about changes shaped our opinions about the world. It taught us the value of an individual voice and opinion, in shaping the dynamics of society and politics. We realised the value of liberal democracy: where the rights and freedoms protect our thought and speech, where diversity of opinion is welcomed," he said.

These institutions were a reflection of our socio-cultural diversity, our distinct identities and backgrounds elevated our deliberations by bringing in diverse opinions, he said. CJI further said, "Our collective endeavours taught us the value of the spirit of fraternity. It kept us connected with our roots - we felt the responsibility of building an equitable society- It was through these shared experiences, that we understood the nerve of the society.

I am witnessing the education system preferred by the present generation." He said these institutions are losing their social relevance and there are mushrooming of factories of education which is leading to the devaluation of degrees and human resources. "I am afraid that institutions are losing their social relevance. We are witnessing mushrooming of factories of education which is leading to the devaluation of degrees and human resources. I am not sure, who or what is to be blamed," he said. The need of the hour is to develop a model of education which must teach us, how to face real-life challenges, CJI further said. He added, "It should enable us to achieve social solidarity and create individuals who are meaningful members of society. It is time for a transformation of our education system. Our institutes must focus on the value of social relationships and conscious citizenship. It should blend our historical baggage with a futuristic vision, to equip young minds with the right tools and attitudes to transform our society with awareness and right understanding."

Universities and their research wings should focus on issues affecting our country and try to find comprehensive solutions, he added. CJI Ramana added that while aiming for economic progress, we must not lose sight of our cultural and environmental duty, it would be a grave dishonour to our roots. The youth of today must think of innovative ways of benefitting from the untapped composite culture of India, he said.