Construction of 6-km flyover on Jammu-Akhnoor highway completed

Story by  IANS | Posted by  shaista fatima • 1 Years ago
A representational image
A representational image



The construction of the 6-km flyover from Kanal Road to Mithi on the Jammu-Akhnoor highway has been completed on which two-way traffic has been flowing for the past few days.

The construction of a four-lane flyover on the 32-km Jammu-Akhnoor road up to Ganesh Vihar has greatly reduced traffic pressure. Traffic jams in Kanal Road, Talab Talu, Nahar, Mithi, Dumana had became a regular occurrence.

Now this will reduce the traffic pressure. The Rs 5,100 crore project was announced under the Prime Minister's Development Package in November 2015 for the construction of the Rajouri-Poonch highway NH-144-A, of which Rs 917 crore is being spent on the Jammu-Akhnoor road.

The beautiful view of the city of Jammu can be seen while travelling on the flyover. It has been made very beautiful which also has a reasonable arrangement of light. The section where this six-km flyover is constructed, which used to take at least 30 to 45 minutes to pass through, causing severe hardship to employees, students and patients, has now been resolved.

Vehicles going to Akhnoor, Poonch, or Rajouri will go directly through the flyover, while local vehicles will run on the road below the flyover. Earlier, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari sanctioned release of Rs 562.45 crore worth of funds with a view to further boost work on Akhnoor-Poonch National Highway.

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The funds were released for upgradation, widening and strengthening of two-lane with paved shoulders. "The project for upgradation, widening and strengthening of two lanes with paved shoulders (length 35.38 kilometres) under 31 TF on Akhnoor-Poonch road (National Highway 144A) in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been sanctioned at the cost of Rs 562.45 crore," Gadkari announced in a tweet.