PM expresses happiness on the rise in the number of elephant reserves

Story by  IANS | Posted by  Tripti Nath • 1 Years ago
World Elephant Day
World Elephant Day


New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday lauded the efforts of 'Elephant' conservationists on the occasion of World Elephant Day'.
World Elephant Day is celebrated on 12 August every year to raise awareness about the plight of elephants all over the world. World Elephant Day tries to highlight why these animals should be protected and what laws and measures can be enacted to ensure their survival
The Prime Minister  expressed happiness upon the rise in the number of elephant reserves in the last eight years.
In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Modi said, "On #WorldElephantDay, reiterating our commitment to protect the elephant. You would be happy to know that India houses about 60% of all Asian elephants. The number of elephant reserves has risen in the last 8 years. I also laud all those involved in protecting elephants."
"The successes in elephant conservation must be viewed in context of the larger efforts underway in India to minimise human-animal conflict, and integrating local communities and their traditional wisdom in furthering environmental consciousness," the Prime Minister added.