"Experienced PM Modi as a spiritual person," Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger

Story by  ANI | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 11-07-2024
Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger with PM Narendra Modi
Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger with PM Narendra Modi


Vienna [Austria]

Nobel laureate and Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a spiritual person, and asserted that other international leaders should possess this trait as well.

The Nobel laureate Zeilinger, who is known for his work on quantum mechanics and was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics in 2022, met PM Modi in Vienna on Wednesday.

Zeilinger on his meeting with PM Modi said that the two had discussions on several topics, ranging from spirituality to quantum technology. He said, "A very pleasant discussion. We discussed about spiritual things, we talked about possibilities of quantum information, quantum technology, and about the basic fundamental ideas of quantum physics. I experienced him as a very spiritual person, and I think this is a feature that more leaders in the world should have today."

The Nobel laureate added, "The point is that you support the gifted young people to follow their own ideas and from them the really new ideas come. That is something which can happen in every country, certainly in India as India has a very gigantic spiritual and technological past."

Prime Minister shared his thoughts on India's National Quantum Mission with the physicist. He and Zeilinger exchanged views on the role of Quantum Computing and Quantum Tech in contemporary society and the promise it holds for the future, a release by the Ministry of External Affairs said.

On his visit to Austria, the Prime Minister also met and interacted with Austrian influencers in Vienna. According to a release by the Ministry of External Affairs, PM Modi met four leading Austrian Indologists and scholars of Indian history. He interacted with Dr. Birgit Kellner, scholar of Buddhist philosophy and a linguist; Prof. Martin Gaenszle, scholar of Modern South Asia; Dr. Borayin Larios, Professor of South Asian studies at University of Vienna; and Dr. Karin Preisendanz, Head of Indology Department, University of Vienna.

The Prime Minister also exchanged views on Indology and various facets of Indian history, philosophy, art and culture with the scholars. He inquired about the roots of Indology in Austria and the impact it has had on its intellectual curiosity and scholarship. In the discussion, the scholars talked about their academic and research engagement with India.

Meanwhile, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer took to his official X handle and informed about the agreements between Indian and Austrian technical universities. He said, "In the areas of science and research we are very close to concluding an important cooperation agreement between Austrian and Indian technical universities."

He added, "This agreement as well as further partnerships will considerably enhance our cooperation in the fields of pharmaceuticals, education, technology, digital infrastructure and space technology. Austria brings considerable expertise, know-how and innovative power in this areas to the table."

Notably, this is the first time an Indian Prime Minister has visited Austria in 41 years. Indira Gandhi was the last PM to visit Austria in 1983. PM Modi's visit to Austria comes after his two-day official visit to Russia, where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PM Modi's visit to Austria also comes at a time when the two countries are marking 75 years of diplomatic relations.