From Ajmer to Punjab, Muslim leaders appeal for peace and unity

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 02-08-2023
Syed Zainulabdeen, Chisty, Maulana Mohammad Usman Rahmani,  ​Haji Abid Hasan Salmani and Maulana Anwar Amritsari
Syed Zainulabdeen, Chisty, Maulana Mohammad Usman Rahmani, ​Haji Abid Hasan Salmani and Maulana Anwar Amritsari



Muslim leaders from different parts of India have called for peace and asked the public and leaders to behave in a manner to douse the fires of communal tension flared by the recent violence in Haryana’s Nuh and Gurugram in which six persons have died and at least 116 persons are injured.

Syed Zainulabdeen Chisty, Spiritual head of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, who is also the great-grandson of the great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty has asked all the countrymen to work to “destroy the poison of hatred and communalism” that would otherwise engulf the country and harm younger generation.

Referring to the violence in Haryana, Chisty said: “I appeal to the people of all religions and sects of Haryana to work with a sense of responsibility for peace.” He called all the responsible people from different religious groups to make efforts for calming down the situation and not let tension flare up.

In an appeal, he asked leaders to speak in a manner that will not inflame passions but rather lead to peace. “Everyone must remember that their politics is not greater than country; we are the country. Everyone needs to make collective efforts for peace.”

He said at a time when India is growing fast, we must work to maintain the unity and integrity of India. “Everyone must rise above personal and political interests to maintain unity, integrity, and peace in the country.”

From Punjab, Muslim leaders have also appealed for peace and national unity in the face of violent incidents in Haryana on Monday.

Maulana Mohammad Usman Rahmani, Shahi Imam of Punjab's largest mosque said the “incidents in Haryana should be condemned by all.” He asked the public to maintain peace and harmony at all costs.

“Rioters and nefarious elements have no religion. They aim to vitiate the atmosphere for their benefit as they did in Nuh,” he said in a statement.

Shahi Imam said that the government should arrest the culprits as soon as possible. He asked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah should intervene directly.

Shahi Imam said that Islam teaches love for every religion and not hatred.

He denied reports that Muslims are planning to hold protests in Punjab over the Nuh violence. “People should mourn the loss of life of the Maulvi Sahib who was martyred in the riots but a single slogan of hatred would be an insult to his memory.”

Sardar Mohammad Mazhar Alam of Jamiat Ulmahe-Hind and Wuna Masjid also asked people to maintain peace and everyone must remember that riots give nothing except destruction.

He said: “Peace is the foundation of Islam.”

He also alleged that the Haryana police had failed to prevent violence and now the center should take control of the situation.

He said the death of Moulana Saad of Gurugram in the riots must be condemned by all. Mazhar Alam said that no act of provocation should be undertaken by a person of any religion or community.

Maulana Anwar Amritsari, an intellectual and author of several books, says, " Attacking a mosque in Gurgaon's Sector 57 and killing a Maulvi cannot be the handiwork of any Hindu."

He said it can only be done by miscreants who want to vitiate the atmosphere. However, he warned them that such elements would not succeed against the unity of the majority of Indians.

“Hindus and Muslims lived in that area in a bond of brotherhood. They may be some aberrations of clashes and disagreements but this time there is no major dispute or issue,” he says the Nuh violence seems to be a conspiracy and the government must expose those behind it.

He says the people of Punjab are praying for peace.

​Haji Abid Hasan Salmani, head of Punjab All India Jamaat-e-Salmani Trust, condemned the violent incidents in South Haryana and attributes these to nefarious elements who are upset with the  Hindu-Muslim unity.

“Those seeking to divide the Hindus and Muslims probably known don’t have an idea that everyone suffers in the violence.”

Salmani appealed to the people to maintain peace at any cost.

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Maulana Shamshad of Jalandhar's Imam Nasir Masjid also made a similar appeal for peace. Nasir, chairman of the Imam Nasir Masjid Committee, and Maulana Ahmed of the Imam Nasir Dargah have said asked people to pray for peace.

People should not heed rumours.