Jaipur Hindus shower petals on Muslims after Eid namaz

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 12-04-2024
Local Hindus showering rose petal on Muslims in Jaipur
Local Hindus showering rose petal on Muslims in Jaipur


Farhan Israeli/Muhammad Akram

Days after Muslims showered petals on Hindus taking out a religious procession in the Pink City of India, Jaipur, the love was reciprocated in ample and equal measures on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr on Thursday.

It was a joyous experience for thousands of Muslim men who had just finished offering namaz at the Eidgah on the Delhi-Jaipur highway when they suddenly received a shower of petals from a drone flying over.

The local BJP leaders were also showering petals from a nearby rooftop.

City’s chief Qazi Khalid Usmani presided over the special Eid namaz on the completion of which a petal shower was carried out as a sign of goodwill and love.

A man showering flowers on Muslims (Videograb)

Khalid Usmani told the gathering in his Eid message that the tradition is brotherhood must be continued. “Our efforts should be to live together with love the way Hindus and Muslims have been living for centuries together and carry on our tradition.”

“People must be of help to those in distress or pain and resist the hate-mongers.”

He said it was the duty of the government to control such people, no matter which community they belong to. 

Khalid Usmani also appealed to the people to cast their votes in the forthcoming elections even if it means trudging down long distances to reach the polling booth.

Muslims offering prayers near Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

He said people must vote for the candidate and the political party that seeks to work for the education and employment of Muslims.

Meanwhile, in New Delhi the Rashtriya Muslim Manch, an affiliate of the RSS, organised a Diversity Milan to celebrate the spirit of Eid and Chaitra Navratri that coincided this year.

On the occasion, senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar said, “Let us make India free from riot, untouchability, poverty, and unemployment.”

“I pray that brotherhood and love arise between people in our country,” Kumar said.

On this occasion, Muslim Rashtriya Manch spokesperson Shahid Saeed said that Eid and Chaitra Navratri happening together is an example of India's diverse culture and underlines the unwavering commitment of the Forum to promote unity amidst diversity. 

Diiversity Milan of RMM in New Delhi

He said that there was a meticulous arrangement of distribution of blog at the celebrations, where devotees enjoyed sattvik (Non-vegetarian and non-spicy food eaten during Navratris by those fasting for nine days) dishes carefully prepared as per traditions and with reverence.

Youth leaders and RMM activists Shalini Ali and Bilal Ur Rehman underlined the platform's strong commitment to promoting inter-religious harmony and understanding, transcending religious boundaries.

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Amidst the joy and excitement of Eid and Navratri, Muslim Rashtriya Manch issued a heartfelt appeal to the public, urging citizens to fulfill their civic duty by exercising their right to vote in the upcoming elections.