Modi announces repeal of farm laws

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Prime Minister Narender Modi
Prime Minister Narender Modi


New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced that all the three agricultural laws that had put the sections of farmers on a collision course with the government will be repealed.

He said all three laws will be repealed in the coming session of the Parliament.
In a special address to the nation, Modi said the government will soon constitute a committee to suggest ways to make the MSP (minimum support price) of crops more effective and transparent.
He said, “A committee will be constituted to take decisions on all such matters keeping in view the future. In this committee, there will be representatives of the central government, state governments, farmers, agricultural scientists, agricultural economists.”
He said, “Today I have come to tell you, the whole country, that we have decided to withdraw all three agricultural laws. In the Parliament session starting later this month, we will complete the constitutional process to repeal these three agricultural laws.”

Explaining the laws that had angered many farmers, he said,” In this great campaign to improve the condition of the farmers, three agricultural laws were brought in the country. The objective was that the farmers of the country, especially small farmers, should get more strength, they should get the right price for their produce and more and more options to sell the produce.
“For years, farmers of the country, agricultural experts of the country, farmers' organizations of the country were continuously making this demand. Many governments had brainstormed on this in the past as well. This time also there was discussion in Parliament, brainstorming took place and these laws were brought. In every nook and corner of the country, many farmers' organizations welcomed and supported it. I am very grateful to all of them today.”
Prime Minister narendra Modi's speech:
He also announced that that the government would work on schemes to scientifically change the crop pattern keeping in mind the changing requirements of the country.
The law has led the farmers in many States  to launch an agitation, especially in Punjab and Western Uttar Pradesh.
Making this announcement on Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary is a decision that will help the ruling BJP. Also, the decision has been taken before the crucial Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh next year. Recent surveys had shown BJP’s declining popularity in UP due to the farmers’ issues.