MSO, Wasey slam Al-Qaeda's 'conspiracy to divide India'

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 08-04-2022
Akhtarul Wassey, Muskan Khan, Mohammad Hussain Khan
Akhtarul Wassey, Muskan Khan, Mohammad Hussain Khan


New Delhi
Muslim Students Organization of India (MSO) has condemned Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri for its recent comment on the issue of Hijab in Karnataka and said such groups outsider groups were trying to spread hatred and unrest in India.
MSO National Chairman Dr. Shujaat Ali Quadri said that Al-Qaeda leaders always come out from hiding to issue a statement and then disappear. The group, he said, wanted to break our country, but Indian Muslims are not fools. “Indian Muslims are mature enough to understand that Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization and are well aware of its intentions."
“The Indian Muslims especially youth will not fall for such statements. However, I would appeal to all the Muslim youth here to not get influenced by such foreign terror organizations and to focus on the development of our country. These kinds of statements by Al-Qaeda are a conspiracy to divide us and stop the country's development,” Quadri said.
In the meanwhile, leading Islamic scholar and former president of Maulana Azad University Jodhpur, Prof. Akhtar Al-Wase strongly condemned the statement of Al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri praising Karnataka girl Muskan Khan who had loudly raised the slogan of Allah-o-Akbar in response to bullying by a crowd chanting Jai Sri Ram and trying to heckle her for wearing hijab to collegeHe said Al-Zawahiri made the statement to harm Muskan Khan. and his motives were not good.

Professor Akhtar al-Wasey said al-Zawahiri's statement would harm Muskan and the purpose for which she had protested. Also, the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim forces in India will try to take advantage of this. "Therefore, Muslims must disassociate from Al-Zawahiri's statement and strongly condemn it," he said.
Prof Akhtar al-Wasi congratulated Muskan’s father Muhammad Hussain Khan for publicly distancing from al-Zawahiri's statement and asking him to leave his daughter alone.
He said, “We ask the Islamic world to allow the Muslims of India to solve their problems and allow them to strive for their cause.”
Prof. Akhtar Al-Wase quoted the statement of the Minister of State for Home Affairs of Karnataka as a pointer to the trend of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim forces getting strength from Zawahiri's statement.
He said, “we are not condemning his statement because it is not appropriate in the current context of India, but also because we do not agree with Zawahiri's views. The kind of Islam that Ayman al-Zawahiri represents is not acceptable to us. They preach and teach extremism and separatism. They resort to violence.”