Nation celebrates Ajit Doval's third term as NSA

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Vidushi Gaur | Date 13-06-2024
NSA Ajit Doval
NSA Ajit Doval


New Delhi

In a remarkable testament to his steadfast leadership and unmatched dedication, Ajit Doval has been reappointed as India’s National Security Adviser (NSA) for an unprecedented third term. This historic reappointment has been met with widespread acclaim and heartfelt congratulations from various esteemed leaders and citizens across the nation.

Zafar Sareshwala
Zafar Sareshwala, an eminent businessman and social activist, expressed his admiration for Doval’s contributions. "Ajit Doval Sahab is one person who has brought the position of NSA to a glory never seen before. I hope under his stewardship and the level of confidence the Honorable Prime Minister has in him, he will take India to the next level of glory," he stated, reflecting the general sentiment of trust and respect that Doval commands.

Haji Syed Salman Chishty
Haji Syed Salman Chishty, the Gaddi Nashin of Dargah Ajmer Sharif and Chairman of the Chishty Foundation, extended his heartfelt congratulations, praising Doval’s deep commitment to national security and unity. In his message, he highlighted Doval’s role in fostering harmony and understanding among various communities, particularly through his efforts to amplify the voices of the Sufi community in India.
"Your steadfast dedication to the security and integrity of our beloved nation, Bharat, is a true example of strength and resilience," Chishty noted. He recalled Doval’s fond memories of Ajmer Sharif and his efforts in promoting dialogue among diverse religious and spiritual leaders, paving the way for greater mutual respect and understanding.

Syed Naseruddin Chishty
Syed Naseruddin Chishty, Chairman of the All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council, also lauded Doval’s reappointment. "We, the people of India, feel proud in congratulating Ajit Doval Sahab on again taking charge as the NSA. Ajit Doval Sahab carries a lot of respect among all Indians, especially in the Muslim community. I am sure that our country will become more secure and stronger with him as our NSA. His previous service record as NSA is a testimony to my statement," he remarked, emphasizing the widespread respect and trust Doval has earned.

Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed
Dr. Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed, President of the Inter Faith Harmony Foundation of India, echoed these sentiments, highlighting Doval’s integrity and professionalism. "Third consecutive term of Ajit Doval as National Security Advisor to the Honourable Prime Minister Modi is a perfect testimony of his credentials that he is known for. This not only is an acclamation of his last two very successful innings but more than that it speaks volumes of his personal integrity, professionalism, and high moral ground," Dr. Ahmed stated. He emphasized the importance of consistency and continuity in Doval’s policies, which have yielded significant results on both domestic and international fronts."
Ajit Doval's third term as NSA is indeed a moment of pride for the nation. His visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to India’s security and unity continue to inspire confidence and admiration from all quarters. As he embarks on this new term, the nation stands united in its support, looking forward to a future of greater harmony, security, and prosperity under his stewardship.