Onlookers celebrate spirit of Ramazan as Jintu Deka feeds disabled Sultan

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 13-04-2023
Pictures grabbed from the video of Jintu Deka feeling Sultan
Pictures grabbed from the video of Jintu Deka feeling Sultan


Ariful Islam / Guwahati

A rare scene of humanity and brotherhood was witnessed by many people on the premises of the Guwahati Medical College of Assam recently when a young man was seen feeding rice to a handicapped person in the wee hours.

The person who was being fed couldn’t use his arms properly due to a handicap. It turned out that the person who was feeding him was Jintu Deka, a Hindu, while the other person was Sultan, a Muslim who was attending to his relative in the hospital.

Someone shot the video of this episode and posted it on social media. Soon it became viral with people making heartfelt comments about this humane act and the human bonding in sync with the spirit of Ramazan month.

The video of the incident:

It seems Sultan was struggling with his plate of rice as the time of Sehri – pre-dawn meals for a fasting Muslim during Ramazan – would soon be over when Jintu saw him. Sensing his discomfort, Jintu Deka took him inside the hospital premises and feed him with his hands.

Jintu Deka is a volunteer of the Raindrops Initiative Assam, an NGO involved in serving free Sehri meals to relatives of patients and others during Ramazan on the premises inside the Guwahati Medical College.

Jintu Deka hails from Sarthebari.

The emotional scene has now become viral on social media.

Raindrops Initiative Assam office bearer Abid Azad said on this; "It turned out to be a special day for us. Because  Jintu Deka has fed rice to a physically disabled man named Sultan.”

He said, “ We have witnessed a beautiful moment of humanity, harmony, and brotherhood at our food distribution site It feels like it's been worthwhile, at least to some extent."

Raindrops Initiative Assam members cook and distribute food on the premises of Guwahati Medical College.

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Besides Muslims, they serve food to anyone in need on the premises of the Guwahati Medical College irrespective of their religion.