Ujjain MP Anil Firojiya sheds weight for funds for constituency

Story by  Aasha Khosa | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Anil Firojiya's now and then picture that he posted on Twitter
Anil Firojiya's now and then picture that he posted on Twitter


A first-time Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh had worked on his fitness and shed 16 kilos of body weight in four months. This entitles him to a grant of Rs 16,000 for developmental schemes for his constituency - Ujjain, the capital of the State.
Anil Firojiya’s weight loss was prompted by Union surface Transport minister Nitin Gadkari’s promise made at a public function in Ujjain on February 24.
Gadkari had said, "I made a condition for allocating funds to Firojiyaji. Once my weight was 135 kg more than that of Firojiya ji. But now my weight is 93 kg. I showed him my old photograph. It is hard to recognise me in that photo. I will allocate Rs 1,000 crore for each kg he loses."
A former athlete, Anil Firojiya took the challenge and started working out. Firojiya posted his then and now picture on social media to show how he had lost 16 kg in four months and his body weight was reduced from 130 to 114 kilos.

How did Firojiya do it?
In an interview with the Hindi language newspaper Amar Ujala, the Ujjain MP said, he was an athlete before coming into politics. Since politics consumes a lot of his time, he had to give up his fitness regime and therefore gained a lot of weight.
After Gadkari threw a bait-cum-challenge to him for getting into shape, he decided to resume his fitness regime.
A Pune-based institute helped Firojiya get the right diet. Explaining his fitness regime, Firojiya said, "I wake up 5.30 in the morning and then go for morning walk.
"My morning workout includes running, exercise and yoga. I follow an Ayurvedic diet chart. I take light breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I eat salad, one bowl of green vegetables and one roti made up of mixed cereals. Occasionally I take carrot soup or dry fruits in between."“I have stopped taking tea, my food comprises a bowl of dal (lentil), one roti, a bowl of salad and little rice,” he said.

Anil Firojiya working out

Anil Firojiya says he devotes two to three hours of the morning for a workout that includes running for eight kilometers, walking, Yoga, pranayam, cycling, and other exercises. 
“I keep these hours exclusively for my body fitness and thereafter take care of my constituency.”
Firojiya says is he happy to announce that as per Gadkari’s promise, he is entitled to Rs 16,000 crore funds for the development of his constituency.

Anil Firojiya working out
However, he says he would not ask for funds immediately since his target is to get his body weight under 100 kilos.
"If weight loss brings more budget allocation for Ujjain, I am ready to continue my fitness regime for the development of the constituency," he said.
Firojiya said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 'Fit India' movement. Union Miniter Nitin Gadkari had told me on stage that for each kilogram I lose, I will earn Rs 1,000 crore for development works in Ujjain. I took it as a challenge and have lost 16 kg so far. I will reduce it further and request him to release funds as promised."