Wasey asks PM to initiate dialogue with Muslims

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Prof Akhtarul Wasey
Prof Akhtarul Wasey


New Delhi

Expressing his anguish at the ongoing violence in the aftermath of the remarks made by BJP leaders on Prophet Mohammad, Prof Akhtarul Wasey, Islamic scholar and academician, has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate a “positive and active dialogue” with the Muslims.

"The differences must stop,” Wasey said in his letter to Prime Minister Modi.

He said for this dialogue the PM can invite Muslim MPs, leaders of all Muslim organizations, Muslim intellectuals, important people of civil society, and eminent Muslim journalists. This will be an initiative that will create better prospects for a better future."

Wasey is a professor emeritus in the Department of Islamic Studies and the author of several books. He said, "this initiative will create better prospects for a better future."

He said with this initiative while the Muslims will be able to express their worries to him, he in turn "can take India to new heights of peaceful coexistence, internal stability, and construction and development." On action taken by the ruling BJP against Sharma and Jindal, Wasey said, "The suspension of the spokesperson (Sharma) and the dismissal of the spokesperson of the Delhi branch (Jindal) for insulting the Prophet must have taken place at the behest of PM which was the right step. We fully support it."

He, however, said those opposing their remarks should not be put behind bars.

"We are not in favour of any kind of violent behaviour, demands, and extremism against any person. However, it should not so happen that those who use their democratic right to oppose them (Sharma and Jindal) be put behind bars. This 'unjust' behaviour is creating uneasiness among the minorities, especially the Muslims," Wasey said.

In the open letter, Wasey wrote, "We are not happy about this situation. As Indians, we want our country not to be discredited, at the same time, we want our religious pluralism to be respected. Let no religion, its scholars, and holy books be insulted in any way."

He also claimed that incidents such as changing the names of cities, trying to change history, and depriving Muslim girls of education in the name of the hijab are creating discontent