Yogita restores Kallu Miyan's burnt shop

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana | Date 08-08-2023
Yogita restores Kallu Miyan's burnt shop
Yogita restores Kallu Miyan's burnt shop


Onika Maheshwari / New Delhi

In an exemplary gesture of humanity Yogita Bhayana, the well-known social activist has set yet another example. She set up elderly Kallu Miyan’s mattress shop, which had been destroyed during the recent communal riots in Haryana.

Yogita told Awaz The Voice that she came to know about the plight of Kallu Miyan through a video post on Twitter handle of Zakir Ali Tyagi, after which she asked her entire team to trace

When Kallu Miyan was traced he was very scared and was not ready to come back to Gurugram. Yogita’s team reassured him and convinced him. They took the full responsibility of his security, so he came back from his village. Then the entire team helped him set up his quilts and mattress shop all over again in Gurugram.

By her kind gesture Yogita Bhayana has not only given Kallu Miyan a shop, but has also provided a fresh stock of new mattresses, so that his loss could be mitigated and he could make his living.

Social volunteer and chief of People Against Rape in India (PARI) Yogita Bhayana is making headlines. Some people uploaded her visuals at Kallu Miyan’s new shop, where she stands beside Kallu Miyan and opens the shutter of the shop. The video in which she is having a conversation with a very happy Kallu Miyan has gone viral.

Yogita gave a strong message to the miscreants behind destroying the poor man’s shop. She told them: "Right now you are enjoying this hooliganism, but in the end, it will be the cause of your own destruction. It is the biggest crime to torture a helpless, innocent person.” She said religion binds everyone together, it does not divide people. Her gesture has strengthened the resilience of Hindu-Muslim bonding in the country,

On August 1, 2023, the Kallu Miyan’s small shop in Gurgaon's Sector 67, was set on fire by the rioters.

Yogita also recited lines from famous Indian poetry, which says: Hindi hai hum watan hai, Hindustan hamara” (religion does not teach enmity), and said that “every religion says that there is no religion bigger than humanity and if you ever harm anyone then you are, a blot on the face of humanity. Yogita is a well-known activist, who has been actively working for women’s rights as well.

In a similar gesture of humanity a Muslim family opened their doors to a Hindu father-son duo and a woman cop where were chased by the attackers as communal clashes broke out in Nuh Chowk in Haryana.