Failure should not be an option

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Eman Sakina

When you are passionate about succeeding, getting there can be an uphill battle as you strive to get your bearings. You must overcome a lot of obstacles. It is ultimately up to you whether you persist in your efforts until you accomplish or give up halfway toward the goals you aspire to.

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Many things can go wrong when you work to accomplish some achievements that you want in life. Some things do not go as planned and thus, they will bring bad impacts on you in terms of the failure events that you face in your work.

When they do happen, it feels like it takes a very long time for you to be able to succeed, longer than you are prepared for, and the work that you have done until now feels to not bring any result at all to you.

The things that you must do to achieve the success that you want can be very trying, indeed.

The work that you do, it must be consistently done so it can have the chance to give you the results that you want. But even after you have worked hard consistently for a long time, there is no guarantee that you will accomplish the targets that you have in your work at the time that you have intended to.

It can be longer, possibly much longer than you expect, and you need to work consistently before the work that you do gives you the impact that you want.

You must possess the crucial idea of never giving up until you succeed. Look at the folks who have achieved success. Do you believe their climb to the top was simple for them?

Most likely, no one has ever been successful without experiencing some setbacks or getting himself into a dire scenario that can make them consider giving up. They have however shown us that anything is possible if you try once, try again, and keep trying until you succeed because they are there right now.

You would have heard the quote “Nothing succeeds like success” add “Try…try till you succeed” to this and you have just brewed the perfect formula for unstoppable success. And believe me when I tell you, it holds true every time you attempt to succeed. An outstanding quality of a winner is the power to hold on despite the most adverse circumstances. Sure, you are going to fail a lot. Not every endeavor is going to be successful the first time.

Some might take forever to succeed. But the secret is to never give up. A winner is not a person who does not fail but, it is he who rises every time he fails and tries again.

Do not ever give up trying. Be stubbornly persistent. Remember that these ceaseless efforts will eventually help you overcome your obstacles. You will need to take pains to be persistent. Every little detail needs to be taken care of. You must do everything and do it right to reach your goal.

When you take part in sports or any co-curricular talents Contests, you may not win the first time- participation is more important than winning. Just because you lost the first time, do not give up- try. Try again and success will be yours.

Failure is not uncommon. We should not get disappointed when we meet with failure. Every failure will have something to teach us also.

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Those who are aware of these facts, and act accordingly will realize that failures are the stepping stones to success. It is foolish to give up the effort and weep when we fail in our attempts. Instead, we must try again. The lessons we learn from our failures will help us to do better or even succeed in later attempts.

None of man’s creations has been made at the first attempt. Inventors, explorers, artists, writers, and scientists did not become great through their first attempts in their respective fields.

Even today, man is trying to learn more about nature, space, and the universe. We hear only the story of man’s achievements in various fields. We do not know about the failures he met with; we learn that he did not let failure discourage him.

Often, children may fail in the examinations or in any other attempt. They should not give up their effort then. Failures will teach them and will equip them for a better effort. The world around us is what it is today because our forefathers did not give up their attempts when they failed. So, we must try and try again till we succeed.