Ghaghra, sharara in pastels with traditional jhumkas is the trendy Eid attire

Story by  Ratna Chotrani | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 10-04-2024
Traditional Eid attires of the nawabs and Royals of Hyderbabad
Traditional Eid attires of the nawabs and Royals of Hyderbabad


Ratna G. Chotrani/Hyderabad

Gourmandizing and style are two factors that bond women regardless of faith and culture. Each one of us waits for the festivities to break the monotony of the mundane. No wonder women invited to the month-long Iftar parties and now the grand Eid-ul Fitr get-togethers don’t just think of the Rose Sherbet, Kebab, Biryani, and Sheer khurma, they have to think more about what to wear for the occasion.

So what warrants a wardrobe staple? It should have an elegant- yet- easy credibility, it should be timeless and it should be accessory-friendly. With Eid-ul-Fitr

just several hours away from the end of Ramadan and the month-long fasting observed by Muslims wearing a traditional ensemble is culturally significant.

Circa 1562 the Mughal era the Muslims dressed up in a seamless garment that wrapped around their body loose and flowy known as the Abaya a symbol of luxury and indulgence donned by women who didn’t need to do any work.

Trendy Sharara-Gharara

Circa 1800 Muslim women started wearing divided garments for Eid that helped them work and at the same time sit down comfortably during the prayer call. These divided outfits led to the creation of the Salwaar Kameez and further led to the evolution of Ghararas Shararas and the modern silhouettes that are worn with a cape.

Gharara is additionally worn by Muslim women consisting of a Kurti (short mid-thigh long tunic) a dupatta and a pair of wide-legged pants touched the knee and flared out known as gharara. The knee area is embellished many times with zardozi work or just lace or simple stitch. Although they are no longer worn as an everyday outfit they remain popular as wedding, festival, or fashion attire.    

Shanoor Jehan Mirza is known for figuring out the royal taste of Hyderabadi women even as she scouts history to bring back the lost recipes. On Eid attire, she says the dramatic Ghararas are definitely trending.  Ruched at the knee, the Ghararas have a beautiful flare. This summer pastel hues like Mint, Pale Pink, sky blue, and lemon yellow are stealing the spotlight yet again.

Since its summer Nimra Mirza, Psychologist and EFT practitioner, says Pastels are trending but shades like beige, parfait, and Pecan are taking centre stage. She says they are also known as Farshi Pajamas usually they are adorned with Zardozi and are to date considered one of the most extravagant pieces of cloth owned by Muslim women. It is currently back in trend and if you are looking to stand out on Eid, Ghararas or Farshi Pajamas are the answer.

Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhat, Sara Ali Khan ghararas are their favourite choice for an Eid dinner date or even a best friend’s mehendi ceremony you will find ghararas and comfy shararas will have got them covered.

A Muslim couple on Eid (Old image)

Says Nimra Mirza whether it’s the silk set or the breezy sharara sets in ivory, a traditional look in a Sharara or a Gharara is the right choice to make for the upcoming summer season.  Intricate thread work or the Aari ka kam, needlework which is intricate and painstakingly done.  Embracing the old-world charm for Eid dinner with light motifs and neutral tones can be an ideal outfit for one’s Eid getaways. 

Sharara too looks graceful and is in vogue and what better to wear to an Iftar party than a Sharara that looks graceful and allows one to move swiftly? A fuss-free kurta paired with heavy work Sharara can notch up one’s style quotient instantly

However, no ensemble is complete without styling it with accessories. They are like salt to your food and soda to your drink. Be it jaali work long danglers or the striking Chand Bali and Kohl eyes, antique silver jhumka , intricately crafted maangtikka are show stealers, pearl nose pin, and the big diamond finger rings are some of the stunning statement pieces that are sure to make this Eid season a special and memorable one.

Markets in the historic Charminar are bubbling with activity and have reached a saturation point with people from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka which border Telangana flocking to shop for the Eid Festival. While traditional markets at Pathergatti, Madina Building, and Gulzar Houz hold influence among the customers, the new markets New Laad Bazaar, Hussaini Alam, Moosa Bowli, Dewan Devdi, and Khilwat are getting customers as well. 

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Whether it is the Bakhoor one of the most incredible fragrances, or the glass bangles mainly chosen for essential occasions like welcoming guests or the embroidered embellished laces made in Kundan, crystal, or exquisite embroidery  and even the crocheted ones, or  the fancy buttons and accessories for the men’s sherwani  from Ladies Corner at Abids or Ittars which are a must this season, people are flocking the markets which are open till early hours

Young entrepreneurs have rented the function halls and are organizing ‘Ramzan Exhibitions’ offering clothes at high discounts ranging from 30 to 50 percent.