PM Modi's tryst with nature and locals in Lakshadweep

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Sumana • 1 Months ago
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with local women at Lakshadweep
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with local women at Lakshadweep



Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoyed himself in the lap of Nature in the Lakshadweep islands that he visited on January 2.

He posted some of the pictures on his X handle and wrote that “Recently, I had the opportunity to be among the people of Lakshadweep. I am still in awe of the stunning beauty of its islands and the incredible warmth of its people. I had the opportunity to interact with people in Agatti, Bangaram and Kavaratti. I thank the people of the islands for their hospitality. Here are some glimpses, including aerial glimpses from Lakshadweep”

PM Modi was completely captivated with the beauty of the Island. He expressed sheer joy of exploring the serenity of nature in Lakshadweep.

In his peas to the Island, its beauty and people, PM Modi wrote on X:

"In addition to the scenic beauty, Lakshadweep's tranquillity is also mesmerising. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on how to work even harder for the welfare of 140 crore Indians.

Lakshadweep is not just a group of islands; it's a timeless legacy of traditions and a testament to the spirit of its people. My visit has been an enriching journey of learning and growing."

He also posted these images of his snorkeling in the clear sea waters of the Lakshadweep and wrote:

For those who wish to embrace the adventurer in them, Lakshadweep has to be on your list. During my stay, I also tried snorkelling - what an exhilarating experience it was

PM Modi also took a morning walk on the beach and wrote on X:

"And those early morning walks along the pristine beaches were also moments of pure bliss."