Zeenat Aman reminisces youth in '70+ schoolgirl' outfit

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Vidushi Gaur | Date 06-07-2024
Veteran Bollywood actor Zeenat Aman.
Veteran Bollywood actor Zeenat Aman.



Veteran Bollywood star and diva Zeenat Aman took a stroll down memory lane, recalling her school days after posting a picture of herself dressed as a "70+ schoolgirl."

Zeenat took to Instagram and shared a picture of herself in a long black cotton dress paired with a white full-sleeve shirt.

The actress completed her look with sunglasses, black socks, and Mary Jane heels.

For the caption, Zeenat shared an anecdote from her school days.

“A friend of mine likes to joke that a wonderful childhood only sets you up for disappointment later in life. They’re being silly, of course, but there is a grain of truth in the statement. If those early years are filled with love, insulated from cruelty, and soaked in camaraderie, the inevitable realities of adulthood can come as a shock!”

The actress added that, despite being separated from her school days by many decades, the memories remain clear.

“Don’t we all know someone who was the very best version of themself in school and then struggled uncharacteristically later on? I am separated from my schooldays by so many decades, but the memories remain sublime.”

The 72-year-old star reminisced about playing hockey, picking strawberries, and being called to the parlour.

“Playing hockey on tableland (I was usually the goalie), strawberry-picking field trips to Mahabaleshwar, clandestine midnight feasts in our dorm, the thrill of being called to the “parlour” because I had a visitor (usually mummy and uncle Heinz, laden with tuck)… there must have been squabbles and gossip too, but truth be told I can’t remember a single slight from those years,” she said.

She praised her school’s routine and discipline.

“St. Joseph’s was run by the Daughters of the Cross and they were wonderful, compassionate and firm mentors. Routine and discipline were paramount and this rigour advices my work ethic to date.”

The actress talked about growing innocently wayward in her teens.

“In my teens, when I grew innocently wayward - sneaking out of campus to go to town with my friends and other such antics - they countered in the most delightful way. Instead of punishing me, they gave me more respect and responsibility! It was an invite to rise that I happily accepted.”

Zeenat also spoke about making international friends at her school.

“My school friends came from an international milieu. Girls from India, Australia, the Middle East… I’ve lost touch with them all, but such a diverse crowd taught me so much about respecting differences and finding commonalities.”

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She concluded, “So! Here I am dressed as a 70+ schoolgirl, and asking to hear your defining boarding school memories.”