Islam forbids citizens from taking law in their hands

Story by  Eman Sakina | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 04-08-2023
Muslims taking out a Muharram procession in Lucknow
Muslims taking out a Muharram procession in Lucknow


Eman Sakina

First and foremost, a fundamental principle of Islam is that a person’s words and deeds should never manifest any form of double standards or hypocrisy. True loyalty requires a relationship built on sincerity and integrity. It requires what a person displays on the surface to be the same as what lies beneath.

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In terms of nationality, these principles are of the utmost importance. Therefore, a citizen of any country needs to establish a relationship of genuine loyalty and faithfulness to his nation. It does not matter whether he is a born citizen, or whether he gains citizenship later in life, either through immigration or by any other means.

Loyalty is a wonderful quality, and the Prophets of God are the ones who have shown it to the highest degree and the best standards. They were so deeply in love and connected to God that they always remembered and worked to follow His instructions.

At various places in the Holy Qur’an, Allah has instructed Muslims that they must fulfill their pledges and covenants because they will be held to account by Him over all undertakings that they have made. The Muslims have been instructed to fulfill all covenants, including those made with God Almighty, and all other pledges they have made, according to their respective degrees of importance.”

In conjunction with the coming of the month of independence, most people will start to find the benefits or advantages of loving one’s country and others.

Another question that may arise is how a Muslim is supposed to maintain a relationship of love and loyalty with his country when his religious rights are completely denied.

His Holiness says: In such circumstances, Islam advocates that where persecution goes beyond all limits and becomes unbearable, then at that time, a person should leave the town or country and migrate to a place where he is free to practice his religion in peace.

Islam considers it a grave sin to betray one’s country. His Holiness says: According to Islamic teachings, God Almighty has forbidden all forms of treachery or rebellion, whether against one’s country or one’s government.

This is because rebellion or acting against the state is a threat to the peace and security of a nation.

However, alongside this guidance, Islam also teaches that under no circumstances should any individual take the law into his own hands and nor should he partake in any schemes or conspiracies against his country.

Islam advises citizens to cast their ballots out of love and loyalty for their country. Voting ought to be done to make the country better. Therefore, a person should make his selection in a balanced way by evaluating which candidate or party will assist the entire nation in growing rather than looking at his priorities and from which candidate or party he might personally profit.

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Hence, the above-mentioned principles amply demonstrate how a Muslim is obliged by his religion to remain loyal to his country. A Muslim should rationally display his patriotism and always assist in the development of his nation.