Kashmiri Muslims say Sanjay Sharma's killing is against Islam, humanity

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
Kashmiri Muslim Village women of Achen consoling the wife of Sanjay Sharma (Basit Zargar)
Kashmiri Muslim Village women of Achen consoling the wife of Sanjay Sharma (Basit Zargar)



Syed Mohd Lateef, a resident of village Mitirigam. says he came to know about the terrorist attack on Sanjay Sharma, a Hindu living in the neighbouring village of Achen in south Kashmir’s Pulwama, on Sunday almost as soon as it happened.

“I was shaken to my core,” said the 48-year social worker who hails from a family of clerics and Islamic scholars.

Lateef told Awaz-the Voice that he fails to understand how humans could even think of killing a fellow human; “It’s against the basics of Islam,” he says.

Daughter of Sanjay Sharma

To explain, he narrated a story from Prophet Muhammad’s life.

One day someone asked the Prophet if it was okay to kill a rat. He replied that although a rat is a harmful creature "if you let it go I would feel you have released me from a cage."

As per another story, once Prophet was passing through a place called Tawaif near Makkah city when locals pelted stones at him. He was bleeding and badly injured when angel Gabriel Ameel appeared in the skies.

He asked Prophet Muhammad if he should destroy the settlement from where stones were pelted at him. He replied, “I am here to shower my blessings; I will not allow you to destroy them (residents).”

He says “This is the importance of life for a Muslim; nobody has the right to take away another life. This is against Islam,” says Lateef who is dismayed at the terrorist targeting Sanjay Sharma, father of three children, Sunday morning.

As soon as he came to know about his death, Lateef rushed to Sanjay Sharma’s house where villagers, mostly Muslims, had gathered in large numbers. “Hapless people could only cry and wail over the tragedy that had befallen this gentle and soft-spoken family.”

He says his village is famous for being the birthplace of legendary Kashmiri poet Mehjoor and this killing – the first of its kind – has left a big blot on the fair name of their village and religion.

Lateef, who also faced bullets of terrorists earlier, says “it’s the handiwork of terrorists, for they cannot see Kashmir becoming peaceful and normal.”

He says terrorists also don't want to see Muslims and Hindus living in peace and brotherhood.

Lateef was among the scores of local Muslims who held a candlelight protest in Pulwama, district headquarters Sunday evening against the killing.

Ghulam Mohammad Mir Shahoora from the village next to Achen had studied with Sanjay Sharma in the local school. He said Sanjay was the epitome of grace and gentleness.

His killing is a blot on “Insaniyat and Kashmiriyat."

Mir described Sanjay as the gentlest of all who worked hard to provide for his family. He said Sanjay worked despite having faced health issues and undergoing surgery a few years ago.

Sanjay lived in the ancestral house with the family of his two elder brothers. The family had a small land holding.

A commerce graduate, Sanjay worked as a teacher for ten years. However, when he was offered the position of an ATM guard and a higher salary he switched the job.

The 52-year Mir who is also a social worker says many Hindu families had left the village but Sanjay was one of the few who stayed put and never faced a problem.

Kashmiri Muslims staging a protest against the killing og Sanjay Sharma in Srinagar

Local villagers held an impromptu protest against his killing in Achen.

Civil society groups also held protests against the killing of  Sanjay Sharma in Srinagar and other places.