Satara mosque invites non-Muslims to end misunderstanding and forge bonds

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A member of the mosque committee explaining about the mosque to visitors
A member of the mosque committee explaining about the mosque to visitors


Sameer Shaikh 

In a unique initiative launched in the city of Satara, Maharashtra, aimed at reducing the mistrust among different religious communities, the Satara Baitulmal Committee invited people of different religions to visit the local mosque and gain information about the religion of Muslims.

The visitors including professionals of all ages asked questions about Islam, Muslim ways of life, and prayers in a free-wheeling question-answer session. 

The visit to the local Shahi masjid under the banner of ‘Masjid Parichey’ (Introduction to the mosque) Programme. The visitors seemed to be excited about the experience.

The program started at 10 am with a formal welcome followed by a session on sharing information about activities inside the mosque. 

Interaction between visitors and mosque committee members during Masjid Parichay

Imtiaz Shaikh and Karimuddin Shaikh of Pune spoke about the meaning of Azaan, the importance of the mosque, the mode of offering prayers and parts of the mosque, etc.

Member of Lok Sabha Udayanraje Bhosale, and MLA Shivendrasinghraje Bhosale were among the special invitees to the Masjid Partichay program.

Speaking on the occasion Udayanraje said, "Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the champion of religious equality." His idea of independence was based on this. 

Once upon a time society used to be one family, but today people do not care about social welfare. 'Masjid Parichay' is certainly an inspiring initiative for the community."

Visitors being demonstrated Namaz postures

He said, "India is seen as the largest democracy in the world. However, today if anyone divides the society based on caste and religion, then it is more likely that this country will break into pieces. After visiting any place of worship, I pray that God should give wisdom to the self-centric people. This is the intention behind the program 'Masjid Parichay'. I thank the Shahi Masjid Committee for organizing this program. Such programs should be organized regularly in every corner of the country."

Organizer of the event, Haji Shakeel Harun Shaikh, said, "Our country has followers of different religions and castes. To maintain communal harmony, it is necessary to know about all the religions. This is our initiative in that direction.

'Masjid Parichay' was organized in Satara. There was curiosity and curiosity about mosques in the minds of citizens. They also had many questions in their minds. These questions can be resolved through such events."

Visitors being accorded a welcome

Sadekar, one of the visitors is a chartered accountant. He said, “Today we got good information about Islam from the Shahi Masjid, Religion of Islam, Quran, Triple Talaq, Jihad, Polygamy, sacrifice of goat on Eid, their way of cooking, way of eating in a plate, Caste in Islam, Women's Burqa, Education in Madrasas, Growing beard, Wearing Pathani clothes, etc.

“The issue was discussed openly and in detail. Similar programs should be organized at different places to remove misunderstandings and increase mutual interaction. This will increase mutual trust."

Umesh Jhode, who was present in the program, said, "Through the program 'Masjid Parichay', many such questions were answered as to what happens in the mosque and what prayers are offered for." 

Women are not allowed to enter the mosque, and people of other religions cannot enter the mosque, such programs are needed to remove many such misconceptions. Because of this program, our misconceptions about the mosque have been removed and an atmosphere of trust has been created in our minds. Such programs should be organized in every village and town."

MLA Shivendra Singhraje Bhosale said, 'Hindu-Muslim brothers of Satara have always maintained harmony and this tradition continues even today. What happens in the mosque, why is Namaz offered?

Visitors receive Quran as gift

I got answers to many questions like these from this program.” The citizens of Satara participated enthusiastically in this program, most of whom were Hindus. He asked many questions and was happy to get the answers. The citizens of Satara thanked the Baitulmal Committee and Muslim brothers for organizing this program.

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The Satara Baitulmal Committee, the relief raising committee of the local mosque, was established in 2019 during the COVID crisis. It worked during the lockdown to provide help to the needy.

It provides food to more than 300 needy people in Satara every day. It also provides health assistance to the needy people.