FIFA WC 2022: France proudly marches to the finals

Story by  Shaista Fatima | Posted by  shaista fatima | Date 15-12-2022
Mbappe after winning the semifinal
Mbappe after winning the semifinal


Shaista Fatima/ New Delhi

The Al Bayt stadium at Qatar was all ready to witness yet another FIFA World Cup 2022 semi-finals. With the defending champions taking on the underdogs, the feelings of the fans were considerably divided. 

But when the Morrocon players sung their national anthem the whole stadium joined them men in green, in reverence to their resiliebnce.

Both the France-born captains shook hands, took respective sides and the match begun.

No sooner had the launching time elapsed than at 5' the defending champions made sure to concede a goal.' Hernandeź had made history and that too in an acrobatic style.

Morocco's Dunah counterattacked with a back flip on target but France's goalkeeper Lloris made sure to make no mistakes.

The second half saw France conceding another goal, thus sealing their fate with the Argentina on Sunday.

The efforts from the Moroccan team saw Mbappe limited to back foot.

The Twitterati went gaga over the camaraderie between Moroccan and French players.

While terming the finals as Messi Vs Mbappe.