PM Modi sends best wishes to Indian cricket team ahead of the World Cup final

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 19-11-2023
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi


New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent his best wishes to the Indian cricket team ahead of the World Cup final scheduled this afternoon.
"All the best Team India! 140 crore Indians are cheering for you. May you shine bright, play well and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship,'' PM Modi said on X (formerly Twitter). 
The Prime Minister is expected to be in the stadium in Ahnmedabad to cheer for the Indian team.

On the eve of the World Cup Cricket finals, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi conveyed her wishes to the Indian team. She emphasised that cricket has consistently served as a unifying force, transcending barriers of gender, region, language, religion, and class, bringing the nation together.

"Dear Team India, I would like to first begin by congratulating you for your incredible performance and excellent team work during this World Cup. You have consistently brought glory to the country and given us all reasons to be collectively joyous and proud," she said in a video message.
"And now as you get ready for the finals this year, the entire country is rooting for you. I send you my best wishes. You have what it takes to be world champions. Good luck team India. Jai Hind," the chairperson of the Congress parliamentary party said.
Gandhi also said that the Indian team's path to the finals has been not only inspiring but also carries valuable lessons that reach beyond the boundaries of the cricket field. "These lessons are of unity, hardwork, determination and unwavering belief in yourself," she added.
The Congress leader also reflected on the current moment, recalling the two instances when India secured the World Cup trophy—first in 1983 and then again in 2011.
Meanwhile, Naval Chief R. Hari Kumar on Saturday said that India has performed well in every sport in the recent past and expressed confidence that the Men in Blue would win the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Final 2023 on Sunday at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.
Speaking to ANI, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar said, "Indian sports teams have been performing very well for the last few years. In the recent games, we won more than 100 medals (Asian Games 2023). We are confident that our team will win. ''
He said that best wishes of each soldier and Navy officer are with the Indian team for their success.