There is still one per cent chance, what you think about it matters: Kohli to RCB women's team

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani • 8 Months ago
Virat Kohli. (Picture Courtesy: Twitter)
Virat Kohli. (Picture Courtesy: Twitter)



Star India batter Virat Kohli conducted a pep talk with the Royal Challengers Bangalore women's team, which is currently struggling in Women's Premier League (WPL), having won only one out of their six league stage matches so far.

Virat held this motivational session on Wednesday with the team ahead of their match against UP Warriorz.

RCB's official Twitter account posted a video of the pep-talk, in which Kohli was seen sharing words of encouragement and wisdom acquired through his 15-year stint with Team India and RCB.

In his pep-talk, Virat highlighted that it is important to stay excited about every match and always focus on the opportunity one gets rather than how bad one's situation is during the tournament.

"I have been playing IPL for 15 years, I have not won it yet, but it does not stop me from getting excited. That is the effort I put on during every match, every tournament. Always think about the opportunity rather than how bad it is now. There is always a flip side to it and it could always be worse than this," said Virat.

Virat said that though his side has never won the IPL, they still have the best fans in the world, who believe in their commitment.

"There is no guarantee of giving the fans a cup every year, but there is a guarantee of giving your 110 per cent every time," said Virat.

Virat said that as a former RCB skipper himself, he has also seen some challenging seasons and recalled how he was left completely devoid of belief after losing six games in a row during the 2019 season.

"Unexpected things can happen, unfortunate things can happen. But there is still hope, a 1 per cent chance. And sometimes, it is good enough. What matters is what you think about that 1 per cent chance. Are you ready to give your all for tonight's game, to convert that one per cent into 10, that 10 into 30 and eventually something magical might come out of it," added the batter.

Virat also recalled how he has tried to maintain his reputation as a consistent batter throughout his career and urged the players to enjoy their game and play it because they love it, as it was their love for the sport that made them hold a bat or ball at some point of their lives.

"I have been under pressure as I am playing for so long, I have been insecure, I have been trying to protect my performances and reputation like 'oh, I'm Virat Kohli & need to perform every game' but the youngsters present fresh ideas before me, ask me that why I could not hit the ball. But I was so caught up with myself and people's expectations that I forgot to play the game," said Virat.

Virat said that even though nothing happens after the remaining matches, the chance to walk away with heads held high would be more important than reaching the knockouts as their final three games will help them build their character.

"I hope you all embrace this situation with grace, self-belief, integrity and self-esteem. Have respect for yourselves as individuals who have been selected because you are good enough."

"Keep the heads high, keep the excitement alive and this is the real test for you. If you have won 5 in a row, I would not even pick up the call to come here to be honest. I am just here tell you that this is what will help you learn, not winning 5 wins in a row," concluded Virat.

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It seems that the pep-talk worked on RCB as they defeated UP Warriorz by five wickets.