When King Kohli surprised Mohd. Siraj's family

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 23-09-2023
Virat Koholi with the family of Mohammad Siraj (Facebook)
Virat Koholi with the family of Mohammad Siraj (Facebook)


New Delhi

A story of how Indian cricket players bond is doing rounds of social media after Mohammad Siraj’s spectacular innings in the recently concluded Asia Cup that was lifted by India after defeating Sri Lanka in Colombo in September.

The story is from the IPL tournament in 2023 when one of the matches was in Hyderabad, the home city of Mohammad Siraj.

At the same time Mohammad Siraj, who has risen in life facing hurdles including poverty, had bought a new house in Hyderabad. His family which survived on his father’s income from driving an autorickshaw had shifted and his mother wished to invite Virat Kohli to their house.

Siraj told Kohli about his mother’s wish and invited him for dinner.

The next day, the family, their relatives, and people of the locality came to Siraj's house to celebrate Virat Kohli's arrival.

In the evening, suddenly Virat Kohli called Siraj and said that he was down with back pain and may not be able to come. He told him that the doctor had advised him to take rest.

Siraj told Virat, “No problem, brother, it is important for you to stay fit.”

When Siraj told Virat’s message to all assembled, people were disappointed and many wondered – some even said it loudly - why should the Captain of the Indian cricket team come to the humble dwelling of a young player.

All this was going on and after an hour or so, the doorbell rang.

Lo and behold, Virat Kohli was standing there; The entire team of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RBC) was there.

“Everyone was shocked. Due to the sudden arrival of all the players, there were fewer chairs for the guests to sit in.

Virat told Siraj's mother that all elders must sit on the sofas in the drawing room. He asked for spreading a mat or a carpet on the floor.

Next, the team of RBC was chatting with the assembled people and eating the Hyderabadi Biryani cooked by Siraj’s mother sitting on the floor.

The house of Mohammad Siraj was filled with happiness and joy as Virat Kohli spoke with everyone and took selfies and photos.

The post on social media has been shared and has gone viral. Netizens are making positive comments about the unity of Indians.

In the original post says, "I am telling this story today because it was Virat himself when the haters were spreading hatred against Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami... then Virat Kohli stood forward and replied to them. Siraj was made by the great personality of Sartaj Kohli. Hate will always lose…love and humanity will always win."

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​Recently, when Siraj was awarded the man of the match prize in the Asia Cup finals and he dedicated the price money to the ground staff od the stadium and his play was appreciated, Siraj touched the feet of Virat Kohli as a mark of respect.