Anees Kutty is a mentor, career counselor and maths wizard for Pune students

Story by  ATV | Posted by  shaista fatima | Date 27-01-2023
Anees Kutty
Anees Kutty


Shehtaj Khan/Pune

More than 650 students who received coaching in mathematics from Anees Kutty have been selected in NDA.

Anees Kutty

Donning a cap and beard and his typical smiling countenance Anees Kutty, popularly known as Bhaiya, makes mathematics a fun to learn.

He has the charm and skill to make even the most math-phobic persons fall in love with the subject. Anees Kutty is a well-known Mathematics teacher in Pune, Maharashtra.

He not only teaches mathematics but also guides his students to find the right stream of education and the college for further education. He informs their parents about various institutions and schools run by the government, such as Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sainik School, and R M C School, etc.

Anees Kutty

He has been counseling parents of his students to admit their wards in schools like this run by the government, for they can have a good future after studying in these.

He is sure that most of the students joining the Navodya Vidyalas end up getting well placed job, do well in life and hold high positions. The problem is that common people do not have complete knowledge of these institutions. Anees Kutty belongs to Kerala and has been living in Pune since long.

He explains, “When I was in Class X, I taught mathematics to my classmates for the first time on Teacher's Day.From that day people started coming to me with unsolved mathematics questions.”

Anees Kutty

He started teaching maths in 1988. Anees Kutty feels that the objective of teaching mathematics in schools should be to develop the reasoning power of the students. “It is not right to just memorize the facts,” he says. Kutty plays the role of mentor, and career counselor for every student.

"I want today's child to grow up to be a responsible citizen of India" For this, he encourages his students to take admission in National defence Academy ato become officers in the Indian Military. The NDA at Dehradun is a joint service academy of the Indian Armed Forces that trains cadets from all the three services, Army, Navy and Air Force. All the candidates are jointly trained for their respective service academies for pre-commissioning training.

Anees Kutty says that mathematics is a matter of understanding and practice. He has been teaching maths to children for the last 35 years and keep innovating ways to generate interests of students in the subject. He uses formulas lile Amar-Akbar-Anthony, Changu-Mangu, Mara-Mari, Jugalbandi, etc. to make learning mathematics fun. Children love his satta method, which means 'shortcut to a problem'.

Anees Kutty

His students do not call Anees Kutty as Sir, but as Bhaiya. And he always guides them like an elder brother. Anees Kutty's methods of encouragement, training and explaining mathematics have helped a large number of children admission into the NDA. Apart from this, his students are providing their services in other places.

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Math is all around he says, “The importance of mathematics has increased in today's technology era. Children should come out of maths phobia and present their 100 percent. Be it Aryan More or Gaurav Jagtap or Aditi Kumar, with the help of Anees Kutty, he and many youths like him were successful in making their place in the NDA. Today he is doing his bit to serve his country.