Initiatives designed to fortify women's safety: Haryana DGP

Story by  IANS | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 18-11-2023
Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur
Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur



Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur on Saturday said the state police has implemented a series of initiatives designed to fortify women's safety and empower them to navigate their daily lives with confidence. 
Kapur said that Haryana Police has devised a comprehensive plan for gender sensitisation programmes. These programmes will encompass visits by experienced and trained women police personnel to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions across the state.
This initiative aims to raise awareness about gender-based issues and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all.
In addition to these educational efforts, the team will maintain regular contact with women in educational institutions, providing a safe and supportive space for them to share their concerns without hesitation, he said.
This initiative seeks to empower women and boost their confidence. Concurrently, the police will closely monitor and address any instances of misbehavior or mischief occurring outside schools and colleges, the DGP said.
DIG (Women Safety) Nazneen Bhasin highlighted the concerted efforts to curb crimes against women, revealing the deployment of 25 specialised companies strategically positioned across the state.
Operation Durga, a targeted initiative, is being consistently carried out in public spaces, public transport, and areas identified as molestation hotspots.
In addition, 46 dedicated patrolling vehicles have been deployed to ensure the safety of women. She emphasized the establishment of 33 women police stations, equipped with counseling centres, where the Haryana Legal Services Authority extends free legal aid and guidance to women in need.
These centres provide a supportive space for women to freely express their concerns and seek guidance without hesitation.
"Haryana Police is also leveraging technology to enhance women’s safety through the Durga Shakti App. Additionally, the deployment of 81 women PCRs and scooter riders across the state further strengthens the security network. Recognising the needs of women living in remote areas, 239 women's help desks have been established in their vicinity, ensuring that legal assistance is readily available close to their homes," she added.