10K women register for Agnipath recruitment in Navy

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Years ago
Indian Navy women officers
Indian Navy women officers


New Delhi
Ten thousand women have registered their names for being considered for recruitment through the Agnipath scheme in the Indian Navy. This trend points to the violent protests over the scheme probably being false flag moves.

The Navy is the only wing of the Indian Military that has opened the recruitment of Women under the flagship military recruitment scheme Agnipath.
Indian Navy started registration for Agnipath Recruitment Scheme on July 1 and it will continue till July 14.
The 10,000 is a high number for this job and it relates to the first three days of the online registration being thrown open.
After registration, the Indian Navy will start the online application process for recruitment from July 15 to July 30. This is the first time that the Indian Navy has allowed women to be recruited into the force as sailors, who will also be deployed on warships as per operational requirements.
However, the Navy is yet to announce the final number of girls to be selected for the posts in 2022. The training for the Agniveers will begin on November 21, officials said.
The Navy is making arrangements at INS Chalka on November 21 to commence major basic training for sailors including women sailors. 
The Navy is the only wing of the Indian Military to open the Agnipath scheme for both young men and women. 
It currently has 30 women officers traveling on frontline warships.