Lucknow mystery woman Rizwana is breadwinner of her family

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 10 Months ago
Rizwana selling stuff to support her family
Rizwana selling stuff to support her family


New Delhi

A burqa-clad woman carrying a Swiggy bag whose picture was posted on social media a few days ago has turned out to be a woman from Lucknow who has taken up the challenge of supporting her family after her husband left her.

The photo as a veiled woman carrying Swiggy’s delivery bag was termed as of a mystery woman and aroused much curiosity among the netizens. It even triggered a discussion about the identity of this woman.

While some thought the picture was a fake, others praised this unnamed woman for her courage to think differently and be self-reliant.

Someone clicked a picture of this veiled woman with a Swiggy bag on her back on the road leading to Nadwa College in Lucknow.

The person who clicked the photo shared it on social media and soon it went viral. People appreciated the woman’s hard work. But since the face was not visible, it was difficult to recognize who she was.

However, it turns out that, the burqa-clad woman is not a Swiggy delivery person but uses its bag to sell stuff to support her family.

Her name is Rizwana and she works as a housemaid to support her family. She works in several houses in the Daliganj area and earns Rs 1500 per month. In the evening she sells disposable glasses and clothes at some shops and stalls and from this she earns Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 per month.

Rizwana got married 23 years ago, but her husband left the house without telling her anything. Her husband used to drive a rickshaw but after the rickshaw was stolen, he started begging.

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After this, the responsibility of the children fell on Rizwana. Rizwana has four children. The elder daughter Lubna, 22, is married. Her other daughters Bushra,19, and Nashra, 7, and son Mohammed are financially dependent on their mother.