China: Military exercises near Taiwan have concluded

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani | Date 10-08-2022
Chinese military near Taiwan
Chinese military near Taiwan



China on Wednesday announced that it has concluded its military drills after more than a week-long training near Taiwan, simulating an attack on the self-ruled island.

The PLA Eastern Theater Command said it had successfully completed various missions during recent drills around Taiwan and effectively tested the troops' joint operation combat capacity.

The command will regularly organize combat readiness patrols in the Taiwan Strait, it added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said China used the military drills to influence the international community's freedom of navigation in the waters and airspace of the Taiwan Strait and to prepare for an invasion.

Addressing an international press conference, Wu said China's decision to carry out military exercises in areas surrounding Taiwan is a gross violation of Taiwan's rights under international law and gravely threatens regional peace and security.

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Justifying its large-scale military drills and airspace violations in the East and South China sea, China on Tuesday said that after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the country is now preparing itself for every possible scenario.