Pakistan: Journalist arrested for reporting plight of Hindu flood victims

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Nakul Shivani | Date 13-09-2022
33 million people have been affected by floods in Pakistan
33 million people have been affected by floods in Pakistan



Pakistan Police arrested journalist Nasrallah Gaddani and took him on 5-day remand for covering the story of Pakistani Hindus belonging to the Bhagri community in Sindh's Mirpur Mathelo.

The journalist reported that the local administration had expelled the people of the Bhagri community from the flood relief camp for being Hindus.

A video of the coverage went viral on social media exposing the atrocities of the Pakistan government and authorities on Hindu minorities.

In the video, flood victims are seen crying and explaining their poor condition in the country after being denied basic resources including water, food and shelter amid the catastrophic natural disaster which has affected over 33 million people.

The people of the Hindu Bhagri community, in the video, were seen narrating their terrible situation and the treatment of the local administration towards them. They said that the local administration had expelled them from the flood relief camps, telling them that they were not flood victims.

The recent flood situation in Sindh province has only added to the plight of Hindus, who have already been facing adversity and severe institutional discrimination in Pakistan.

In contrast, the Hindu community in Balochistan has come up with a gesture of humanity and religious harmony, by opening the doors of a temple to shelter flood-affected people.

A tiny village of Jalal Khan in the Kachhi district of Balochistan has been cut off from the rest of the province due to the floods.

Locals have opened the doors of the Baba Madhudas Mandir.

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The flash floods have badly impacted 80 districts of Pakistan and the death toll in the country has reached nearly 1,200.