Rajya Sabha MP Sahney helps bring 15 stranded Indian women back from Oman

Story by  IANS | Posted by  Tripti Nath • 9 Months ago
Some of the women from Punjab who were brought back from Oman
Some of the women from Punjab who were brought back from Oman



Eight more women were reunited with their families hailing from Punjab on Wednesday after they landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi from Oman. Seven women were rescued last week under the initiative #Mission Hope, taking the total figures to 15.
AAP's Rajya Sabha MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney said the women were stranded in Oman after being lured by unscrupulous agents and so-called manpower consultants on the pretext of providing jobs there.
Of the identified 34 women, 15 have been reunited with their families with the efforts of Sahney in coordination with the Indian Embassy and the Oman government.
Sahney, who is also the international president of World Punjabi Organisation, said after the details of the estrangement were brought to his notice, a team from his Parliament office visited Muscat and interacted with the women stranded at shelter homes where community kitchen support was being provided by Sahney and the office-bearers of the Oman chapter of World Punjabi Organisation.
"After comprehensive discussions with the sponsors for the revocation of the unreasonable contracts, penalty waivers and ticket costs, we ensured homecoming of these women," Sahney said.
Sahney added that these women had been offered free skill training at the World Class Skill Centre in Delhi, and the Multi-Speciality Skill Development Centre in Amritsar, with the commitment of providing jobs to them.
Speaking about #Mission Hope, Sahney said that he is committed to bring back all the women from Punjab who are stranded in Oman.