Resumption of Iran-Saudi diplomatic ties could benefit India: Iranian envoy

Story by  ANI | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 17-03-2023
Iraj Elahi, Iranian Ambassador to India
Iraj Elahi, Iranian Ambassador to India


New Delhi
Iranian Ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi in a press briefing here said that the resumption of the diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia mediated by China should not be a concern for India, adding that this step could benefit India since it helps intensify stability and peace in the Persian Gulf region.
"The resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran whether the mediation has been done by China or India or any other would be to the benefit of India. Since it helps and intensifies the stability and peace in the region and security in the Persian Gulf region", said the Iranian Envoy.
Saudi Arabia is a leading country in the Sunni world. Iran is a leading country in Shia world. So, it will effect the region positively. In the comings months , the embassies will be open and relations between two countries will be restarted and it will help different crisis in the region.
"It (diplomactic ties between Iran-Saudi) would be to the benefit of India despite it has been done by the mediation of China. I think it is not a concern for India. China is a power in the world now competing with the US and no one can deny the power and position of China. India is a rising power. So, this resumption could be to the benefit of India", he added.
Iran and Saudi Arabia are two pillars of Islamic world. Two powers in the west of Asia. "There are different commonalities between two countries. Of course there are differences between their political approaches. The main point is that Iran should accept Saudi Arabia as it is and Saudi Arabia should except Iran as it is. We look at Saudi Arabia and other nations respectfully. Not to interfere in their internal issue is a basic principle in our foreign policy," he added.
Iran and Saudi Arabia previously signed a China-brokered agreement to restore diplomatic relations, ending a seven-year dispute. "The three countries expressed their keenness to exert all efforts towards enhancing regional and international peace and security," according to a statement signed by senior representatives from China, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
On Thursday, in a response by India on its reaction to the China-brokered reconciliation agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it said that New Delhi had always been in favour of "dialogue and diplomacy".
In the first official response, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that it had "seen reports" about the agreement. "India has good relations with various countries in West Asia and we have an abiding interest in the region. India has always advocated dialogue and diplomacy to resolve differences," he said at the weekly media briefing on Thursday.