Russia has no plan to station nuclear weapons in space: Putin

Story by  IANS | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 02-03-2024
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin


Moscow (Russia)

Russia does not plan to deploy nuclear weapons in space, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the country's Security Council members. 
"We have already discussed false allegations that are currently being made by some Western officials about our supposed plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space," said the Kremlin on Friday, citing the President.
In his annual State of the Nation address on Thursday, Putin called such allegations "unfounded" and "fake narratives," designed by the West to draw Russia into negotiations on terms that only benefit the U.S., Xinhua news agency reported.
The statement came after a wave of Western media reports claiming U.S. intelligence data has shown that Russia is working on the development of a nuclear space weapon.