Afghans praise India, berate Pakistan for inedible wheat

Story by  ATV | Posted by  sabir hussain • 1 Years ago
Officials of the Silo Bread Company in Kabul.
Officials of the Silo Bread Company in Kabul.



Afghans have criticized Pakistan for donating poor quality wheat while praising the quality of wheat sent by India.

Officials at Silo Bread Company in Kabul said there is a huge difference in the quality of wheatfrom India and Pakistan.

“The wheat that had arrived from India and Pakistan is of different quality. Pakistani wheat is unclean and has been eaten by pests and is totally useless. The wheat that came from India is of good quality and we are distributing to employees in Afghanistan in return for work,” an official of the company said in a video.

Afghans also took to Twitter to thank India for the "good quality wheat."

The video of Silo company officials compraring the wheat from India and Pakistan was posted by an Afghan journalist Abdulhaq Omeri  on social media:

"Thank you India for your continued support to the Afghan people. Our Public to public-friendly relations will be forever. Jai Hind," Hamdullah Arbab tweeted an illustration to compare the relations of Afghanistan with India and Pakistan:

Another user named Najib Farhodis said, "Wheat donated by Pakistan to Afghanistan All Pakistani wheat is worn out and spoiled that cannot be used. India has always helped Afghanistan."

He posted a picture of the Pakistani wheat on Twitter:

Last month, India started sending wheat to the Afghan people as humanitarian assistance.

The second convoy of India's humanitarian assistance carrying 2000 tonnes of wheat left Attari, Amritsar on Thursday for Jalalabad, Afghanistan, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said.

This is part of India's commitment to give 50,000 tonnes of wheat to the Afghan people and will be distributed by United Nations' World Food Programme.

"India remains committed to its special relationship with the people of Afghanistan," MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a tweet.

India had earlier announced that it will send 50,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan overland through Pakistan. Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla had flagged off the first such consignment from Amritsar.