"Terrorists have found safe haven in Canada": Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry

Story by  ANI | Posted by  Tripti Nath | Date 26-09-2023
Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry
Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry


New York (United States)

Reacting to the India-Canada diplomatic row, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry on Monday (local time) said that terrorists have found safe haven in the North American country and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has this way of coming out with outrageous allegations.
While speaking exclusively with ANI, the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister further added that he is "not surprised" by his comments as Trudeau comes out with "outrageous and substantiated allegations."
The minister said, “Some of the terrorists have found safe haven in Canada. The Canadian PM has this way of just coming out with some outrageous allegations without any supporting proof. The same thing they did for Sri Lanka, a terrible, total lie about saying that Sri Lanka had a genocide. Everybody knows there was no genocide in our country.''
Ties between India and Canada have been strained after Justin Trudeau on September 18 alleged India’s involvement in the fatal shooting of Khalistan Tiger Force chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada.
Nijjar, who was a designated terrorist in India, was killed outside a Gurdwara in Canada’s Surrey on June 18. India, however, rejected the allegations, terming them “absurd” and “motivated”.
Taking a dig at Trudeau for honouring a former Nazi soldier in Canada's parliament, he said, “I saw yesterday he had gone and given a rousing welcome to somebody who has associated with the Nazis in the past during the Second World War. So, this is questionable and we have dealt with it in the past. I am not surprised that sometimes PM Trudeau comes out with outrageous and substantiated allegations."
During the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy's September 22 speech in Canada’s Parliament, 98-year-old Ukrainian Yaroslav Hunka, who served in the first Ukrainian division, also known as the SS division "Galicia" during World War II was honoured by the Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada.
Sabry while speaking on Canada and Sri Lanka's relationship said that due to Trudeau’s ‘Genocide’ comment, earlier, the relationship between the two nations is ‘affected’.
“That has actually affected our relationship. The Foreign Ministry has a different take on that. Ministry of Global Affairs has very clearly said that Sri Lanka did not go through a genocide, whereas PM Trudeau as a politician stands up and says that genocide had taken place. That itself is contradictory to each other. That doesn't help”, said Sabry.
He also advised the Canadian PM to not interfere in the internal matters of a sovereign country.
“I don't think anyone should poke their nose into other countries and tell as to how we should govern our country. We love our country more than anyone else. That's why we are in our country. We are not very happy about that statement at all. Indian Ocean identity is very important and we need to strengthen the regional architecture. We have to look after our region. We need to work together. That's how we can create a peaceful environment. We should not be dictated by anyone else as to how we should conduct our affairs”, he added.
Sri Lanka had previously rejected the statement issued by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau containing “outrageous claims” of genocide relating to the past conflict in Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that such irresponsible and polarizing pronouncements by the leader of a nation breeds disharmony and hatred both in Canada and Sri Lanka, instead of promoting peace and reconciliation.