After the Cannes show, Nancy Tyagi wants to dress up SRK

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa | Date 27-05-2024
Nancy Tyagi and Shah Rukh Khan
Nancy Tyagi and Shah Rukh Khan


Onika Maheshwari/ New Delhi 

Fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi, who grabbed eyeballs with her self-designed outfits at Cannes 2024, recently expressed her desire to learn to design menswear so that she can create a coat-pant for Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.

She also shared her plans for Sonam Kapoor, who asked her to design something for her as well.

During a podcast with Ranveer Allahabadia, the 23-year-old fashion influencer expressed her desire to venture into men's clothing. When asked if she would ever design a coat-pant for Shah Rukh Khan, she said, "I would make a coat-pant for him." Despite not knowing how to make it at the moment, she expressed her determination to learn it for the 'Baadshah' of Bollywood.

After Nancy Tyagi slayed in her self-made sari on the Cannes red carpet, Sonam Kapoor reposted her Cannes sari-making video on Instagram and tagged Nancy, writing, "Best outfit in Cannes. Make something for me." The Delhi-based influencer thanked Sonam for her appreciation. When asked if she ever thought that a Bollywood star like Sonam, who is known for her fashion skills, would praise her, Nancy said, "Saat janam tak nahi socha tha (I never imagined it)."


Now, Nancy has decided which outfit she will make for Sonam. She said, "I will make a saree for her." The young star also shared that apart from Sonam, Arjun Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, and some TV celebrities also messaged her after her Cannes debut.

Nancy Tyagi, the daughter of a former factory worker and a native of Barnawa village in Uttar Pradesh, wore a heavily frilled powder pink gown weighing 20 kg on the first day of Cannes 2024. Her second outfit was a beautifully crafted sari with a veil. She sourced the fabric for her outfit from a local market in Delhi.

During a conversation with India Today, Nancy spoke about her journey and the recognition she has received. She said, "It was amazing. My dreams were never as big as they are now. I didn't even get time to think and realise that what I have achieved is huge."