Assam CM Sarma praises Muslims for educational revolution

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 1 Months ago
successful candidates from Ajmal Super who cleared the NEET in 2022
successful candidates from Ajmal Super who cleared the NEET in 2022



Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has praised the minority Muslim students for bringing about an educational revolution in the Char areas, the riverside areas generally inhabited by the community and considered backward.

Sarma said the educational improvement among the minorities (mainly Muslims) is historic. Each year, he said, a large number of students from minority-dominated areas are showing good results and getting admission in the MBBS courses across Assam.

Sarma’s remarks come at a time when many families, mostly Muslims are facing eviction from the Char areas.

Sarma told the media; "There has been educational improvement in the Char areas. The students from the Char areas have done very well in our medical results.”

"Religious minority students get admissions in the medical colleges in good numbers. They get admission after going through a competition. Last year, 320 students (out of 1,000 seats) got admitted to the medical stream. Religious minority areas have done better academically than others. The figures of medical college admission are proof of this.”

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

The Chief Minister said that education has improved significantly in religious minority areas. He said the char areas have consistently shown good results in education.

Meanwhile, a teacher at a training center said; "There is an increasing competitive mindset among students from char or minority areas. Most of their students come from very poor families. The NEET examination is very difficult and challenging. Students in the area have no other proper way to make a living than to study well and improve their lives. So they work hard for that as well."

In the last year’s NEET examination, 200 candidates, who received coaching at the Ajmal Foundation, cleared the all-India medical college entrance test. All of them hailed from the Char areas.

The Ajmal Foundation candidates have also achieved impressive results in the joint competitive examination conducted by the Assam Public Service Commission.

The Ajmal Foundation is providing coaching to poor and yet bright students to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors and engineers through the training center called Ajmal Super.

The Ajmal Foundation launched the institute in 2016 as an ambitious initiative and 240 students passed the NEET examination with distinction this year.

It was a rare phenomenon in the country that so many students from one educational institution successfully passed the NEET examination conducted at the all-India level for studying medical science courses simultaneously.

Most of these talented students who have achieved success at the all-India level belong to the economically backward classes.

The Ajmal Foundation covered the entire cost of the student's education on the instructions of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal and Sirajuddin Ajmal, the chief trustees of the foundation

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Ajmal Super 40 has been showing excellent results since its inception. 84 students of the institute passed the 2020 NEET examination and 150 students passed the 2021 NEET examination with distinction. This year, Ajmal Super 40 has set an example in the education sector of Assam by increasing the number of successful students to 240+.