Dr Amjad opens his new hospital for Covid in Sholapur

Story by  ATV | Posted by  Aasha Khosa • 2 Years ago
Dr Syed Amjad Bashir Ahmed
Dr Syed Amjad Bashir Ahmed


Malick Asgar Hashmi / New Delhi

When India is struggling against the second wave of COVID-19, a heart specialist of Solapur in Maharashtra has opened his heart and loosened his purse by converting his newly built  hospital for treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Cardiologist Syed Amjad Bashir Ahmed’s gesture comes at a time when Maharashtra is one of the worst affected states of India in the Covid pandemic. On average the state adds 60,000 new cases of COVID per day. With such a heavy rush of patients, healthcare is under tremendous strain. There are no beds for new patients and oxygen supplies are depleting fast. People are forced to buy essential drugs from the black market.

At this time Amjad Bashir Syed has thrown his 35-bedded hospital aptly called Noble Heart Care and Research Center for Covid patients.

The hospital is charging a nominal fee from its patients and people have been asked to come for admission and consultation to the hospital.

Currently more than 20 doctors and para-medical staff are treating patients under the supervision of Syed Amjad Bashir Ahmed at his hospital.

Dr Amjad Bashir Ahmed says, "We all are aware of the growing cases of Covid patients needing hospitalisation. We see how patients are suffering and crying for treatment and their families are running from pillar to post for beds.”

Dr Amjad said he was perturbed to see the situation and decided to open his hospital for the patients. He explains, "Keeping in mind the problems of Covid victims, I decided to start a Kovid care center in my hospital.I immediately sought permission from local authorities. At present 25 Covid patients are being treated in my hospital.”

Syed Amjad Bashir Ahmed is a well-known cardiologist of the district. He has been serving five major hospitals and Covid patients for the last 14 months. Social worker Darshana Gaikwad says Dr Amjad's human initiative is a huge contribution in this critical period.

It surely takes a big heart to dedicate the freshly built hospital that was not even formally inaugurated to the service of humanity. “I am proud that doctors like Amjad Sir live in my city. He is offering his services round the clock. This contribution of Dr Amjad will always be remembered," Darshana Giakwad said.